Stuffed Chicken Divan w/ Creamy Dijon Sauce

As you can probably already tell, my mom is a big inspiration for me as far as my love for food and cooking. Growing up, I remember her cooking a variety of dishes, Filipino, Italian, Asian…and the list goes on, and I was always there to help chop and prep. One of her signature potluck dishes is Chicken Divan. I love how creamy and cheesy it is, one of my favorites until now. Plus it’s low carb! This is my twist on it, transforming it from a casserole, to a dinner for two.


Health tips: Low fat, heart healthy, diabetes friendly, low carb, anti-inflammatory

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Healthy Chicken Stock and Creamy Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Casserole

There’s nothing like comforting, delicious chicken stock…whether it’s in a soup, gravy or rice. It flavors and is the base of so many recipes that we often find ourselves always buying boxes and boxes from the store. This can start getting expensive and the healthy boxes of stock are typically pricier. Making your own stock at home allows you to store or freeze multiple quarts for future use and you can closely control the fat, nutrition and sodium content. And it’s easy, not much chopping or peeling, just waiting for those flavor to develop. =) Here’s my recipe for a healthy and tasty stock, which also includes strong disease-fighting ingredients like ginger and turmeric. You’ll definitely get a better bang with your buck with this recipe!

That’s not all folks! You’ll not only be getting a few quarts of stock from this recipe, but also tender and flavorful slow-cooked meat that you can store for future meals. My Creamy Chicken, Broccoli and Wild/Brown Rice Casserole is inspired by my Mama’s Chicken Divan, one of her staples at potlucks growing up. Love it! It’s simple, wholesome and can satisfy the whole family. Try it this week!


Health tips: Anti-inflammatory, low carb, low fat, heart healthy, diabetes friendly

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