Slow-Roasted Cod with Avocado Salsa Verde and Pomegranate

I am beyond excited to jump back on the healthy eating and exercise bus of 2018! As we all know, the holidays just bustle with comforting, rich, heavy foods and it’s just tough to avoid it and keep that holiday cheer haha. The new year brings new goals, accomplishments and challenges. When I heard that Bobby Flay was releasing a healthy cookbook, I just jumped on my Amazon app stat! He is the king of bold flavors so I knew I couldn’t lose with his amazing recipes. This is the first recipe I’ve tried from Bobby Flay Fit and my husband and I were absolutely satisfied with the result. It’s definitely a different take on cod that I’ve never tried before, and the pomegranate seeds were a unique addition! They added a nice pop and slightly sweet contrast to the spice and acidity. Just made a few minor tweaks (used olive oil instead of canola and didn’t use salt to season the avocado salsa verde) but other than that perfecto! Not only is it fresh and delicious, but it’s so simple and quick to throw together. Buy this book ASAP!!!


Health tips: Low fat, heart healthy, low carb, diabetes friendly, anti-inflammatory

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