Corned Beef and Sweet Potato Hash

As soon as corned beef went on sale at our local grocery story, my hubby and I jumped on it and purchased one right away. We love slow cooking corned beef for St. Paddy’s day, but wanted to start even earlier this year to be able to make delicious meals out of the leftovers for the week. Our favorite method is going low and slow in the crockpot for 10 long hours, along with potatoes, carrots and cabbage, and drenching it in Bud Light instead of water, for a buttery rich flavor. So insane! We’ve tried it with Guinness as well, but love the flavors the Bud Light develops even more.

As far as leftover recipes, our favorites are grilled Reuben sandwiches and Corned Beef Hash. There’s not really much I can do to make a Reuben very healthy, so I opted for a healthy take on Corned Beef Hash by using wholesome sweet potatoes. It was absolutely delicious, and that touch of sweetness from the potatoes really complimented the corned beef. Top it off with a fried egg, and it’s the perfect breakfast!


Health tips: Low fat, heart healthy, anti-inflammatory

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