Holiday Sausage & Herb Dressing (Stuffing)

I’ve never made stuffing/dressing from scratch before but wanted to try it out this past Thanksgiving. I came across this “Simple is Best” recipe from and knew from the reviews it would be a hit. Based on some reader comments, I added sausage for extra flavor and mixed in some Ciabatta for texture. I was so happy to hear that family and friends really enjoyed it, even those that do not usually like stuffing/dressing. You must try this for your Christmas dinner this week! This tastes best when you pre-make it the day before so plan ahead!


Health tips: Cheat recipe

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Grilled Citrus Herb Halibut with Tomato Butter and Smashed Sweet Potato

This is one of my all-time favorite recipes. I came across the original recipe in Food & Wine magazine and just fell in love. It’s very light already, but I made a few alterations to make it even healthier. The combination of the citrus flavor with the tarragon is just divine, and that tomato butter just takes it over the top…plus it’s pretty easy. You’ll want to marinate for 2 hours so remember to prepare ahead! This bright dish is perfect for the spring and summer seasons!


Health tips: Low carb, low fat, anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, diabetes friendly

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