Grilled Greek Chicken & Cucumber Noodle Salad

I’ve been wanting to post a greek-marinated chicken recipe and while exploring for inspiration, found another tasty alternative to traditional green leaves and zucchini noodles…cucumber noodles! And how perfect is that with a greek-inspired dish right!? This recipe is so flavorful, yet so light and summery. The light saltiness of the Kalamata olives and feta cheese really compliment the bright herby and lemony flavors of the chicken and dressing. Being a huge cucumber fan (He just snacks on it whole, like a giant carrot), my husband said he prefers this over any other type of salad!


Health tips: Heart healthy, low fat, anti-inflammatory, diabetes friendly, low carb

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Over-The-Grill Mediterranean Fish Bake

We still have a few weeks of summer so I want to take advantage of the grill as much as possible. Keeping the heat out instead of inside the kitchen is always a good thing, plus who doesn’t love the smell of the smoking grill on a summer day. As I’ve mentioned before, the Mediterranean diet is super healthy, fresh and delicious, especially for those trying to avoid inflammation of the joints like my hubby. The flavors are so flavorful, yet light! I posted a recipe with chicken when we first launched the blog, but here’s a take on Mediterranean flavors with yummy seafood. Again, we have the opportunity of using my hubby’s freshly caught yellowtail!


Health tips: Anti-inflammatory, low carb, low fat, heart healthy, diabetes friendly

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