Baked Asparagus & Cheese Frittata

In these tough times, we all have a lot of free time at home and it’s a challenge trying to cook healthy while also searching for the ingredients you need at the store. If you’re lucky enough to find eggs (by the way, highly recommend Instacart, this is the only way I was able to snag eggs), try this low-carb recipe I found through Eating Well. I was pleasantly satisfied, soooooo tasty. And it can be enjoyed any time of day. The fluffy ricotta mixed with the eggs and veggie mixture makes for a luxurious texture and flavor!



Health tips: Low carb, Keto, low fat, diabetes friendly

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Easy Homemade Lemon Ricotta and Artichoke Pesto Spread

Tammy and I whipped this up on one of our Sunday Fundays and I was surprised at how super easy and fast it was! Not to mention how impressive it is to say that you made homemade ricotta! Even though this is a “cheat meal” it still feels very light, especially when you enjoy the spread on wheat baguette slices. You will love how creamy and bright this tastes. We combined recipes from different sites as 2 layers for the spread and wow it was magic. Thank you to and for these amazing recipes!

 -Melanie and Tammy

Health tips: Cheat meal

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