Spicy Cheesesteak-Stuffed Pepper

Cheesesteak sandwiches are to die for! I was inspired by a recent trip to historic Philly and one of my favorite sandwich shops, Jersey Mike’s, for this recipe…A traditional Philly Cheesesteak is topped with Cheese Wiz, which is absolutely delicious…the common phrase for ordering is “wiz wit…and then you can add other toppings like mushrooms and peppers. But I actually prefer the smokey Provolone cheese version when making the recipe lighter and carb free. The Big Kahuna hot cheesesteak sandwich at Jersey Mike’s is also heavenly! What does it for me are the caramelized onions, mushrooms and jalapeños, then topped with gooey cheese, yum! Here’s my take on a low-carb version of this genius sandwich. The flavor is all there, just no evil bun!


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