Artichoke Dip Bites

Game day or just a summer gathering with friends-these are tasty little bites that will go quickly! My mama LOVES my artichoke dip. I had some phyllo cups in my freezer that I didn’t end up using for a party I had, so I decided to mash the 2 together! This recipe made 30 little, cutie cups and boy, were they gone quickly! Think about this one for your next gathering!


Health tips: Cheat appetizer

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Easy Homemade Lemon Ricotta and Artichoke Pesto Spread

Tammy and I whipped this up on one of our Sunday Fundays and I was surprised at how super easy and fast it was! Not to mention how impressive it is to say that you made homemade ricotta! Even though this is a “cheat meal” it still feels very light, especially when you enjoy the spread on wheat baguette slices. You will love how creamy and bright this tastes. We combined recipes from different sites as 2 layers for the spread and wow it was magic. Thank you to and for these amazing recipes!

 -Melanie and Tammy

Health tips: Cheat meal

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Grilled Greek Chicken & Cucumber Noodle Salad

I’ve been wanting to post a greek-marinated chicken recipe and while exploring for inspiration, found another tasty alternative to traditional green leaves and zucchini noodles…cucumber noodles! And how perfect is that with a greek-inspired dish right!? This recipe is so flavorful, yet so light and summery. The light saltiness of the Kalamata olives and feta cheese really compliment the bright herby and lemony flavors of the chicken and dressing. Being a huge cucumber fan (He just snacks on it whole, like a giant carrot), my husband said he prefers this over any other type of salad!


Health tips: Heart healthy, low fat, anti-inflammatory, diabetes friendly, low carb

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Parmesan-Crusted Spinach Artichoke Dip Chicken

Here’s another delicious recipe that transforms a popular, indulgent appetizer into a low-carb alternative! And I swear, those low-fat Laughing Cow edges are my new obsession, especially when transforming a boring old chicken breast. The options are endless with all the flavors they come out with. You’ll be able to enjoy the flavors of that lovable spinach artichoke dip in this fun and easy recipe, without feeling as bad! Pair it with a vegetable side and you’ll feel even better!


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