Chunky Egg Salad

This is my favorite egg salad recipe which I found on the Food Network website. It’s very easy and very flavorful. What really makes it pop is the mustard, lemon and dill, just a perfect combination with the creaminess of the, eggs, mayo and yogurt. I adjusted the recipe a bit to make it lighter and cut the sodium in half. Especially when paired with wheat bread or crackers, or veggies, you’ll be satisfied without the guilt!


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“El Diablo” Egg Salad Sandwich

On a recent trip from Philly, I stopped at the Denver airport and had the best egg salad sandwich I’ve ever tasted! The Woody Creek Bakery & Cafe dished up some very unique and tasty sandwiches…one of my favorites was the El Diablo Egg Salad sandwich which included fresh jalapeños, bacon and a chipotle spread all inside of a cheesy jalapeño bread. OMG! Here’s my take on this spicy deliciousness!


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