Chipotle Ranch Bacon Potato Salad

I created my 2nd new favorite potato salad for summer BBQs! Besides Tyler Florence’s delicious dilly lemony potato salad I posted previously, I am now in love with the flavor of chipotle in salads, especially a creamy potato salad. I was inspired by a yummy chipotle pasta salad that I just fell in love with during an air show a few weeks ago. Mixing ranch in with the chipotle softens the spice for a larger crowd and adds a tangy creaminess to it. Hope you enjoy!


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Creamy Dilly Potato Salad

Tyler Florence’s potato salad is my favorite on earth, and has been my go-to side dish for many summer potlucks and BBQs. It has lots of flavors and textures, just perfect…an oldie but definitely a goodie! I modified it a bit to be lighter, and it’s still very creamy and flavorful. It’s pretty easy to make and can be prepared and refrigerated ahead of time…the flavors just get better!


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