Rosemary Lemon Scallops with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

This recipe was inspired by a delicious grilled scallops and red pepper recipe I always loved by Paula Deen. But instead of roasting and wrapping red pepper around the scallops, I wanted to create a luscious, yet light and bright sauce. I saw a similar shrimp with red pepper aioli recipe that used egg yolks but wanted to cut down on the fat so I used non-fat green yogurt instead and replaced the shrimp with scallops. Scallops are not only luxurious, but actually have less cholesterol than shrimp, promote a healthy heart and are high in omega 3s! Plus, I can’t get enough of rosemary and lemon, so this recipe just sung to me. If you want to present an elegant, yet very easy and quick dish, this is the one!


Health tips: Heart healthy, low carb, low fat, anti-inflammatory, diabetes friendly

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