Easy Peasy Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

I am really enjoying Giada’s newest cookbook “Happy Cooking”! The recipes are just so clean, delicious and not too difficult. In this intense summer heat, I’m especially looking for refreshing, light dishes that don’t use the oven or stove. I came across her Easy Peasy Chicken Salad and my husband and I just loved it. It has great herby flavors from the fresh tarragon and chives, brightness from the lemon and crunch from the snap peas. Because I’m obsessed with the slight bite of brown mustard in creamy sauces, I just added a bit. I also used non-fat Green yogurt to make it even lighter. So yummy!


Health tips: Low fat, heart healthy, low carb, diabetes friendly

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Grilled Citrus Herb Halibut with Tomato Butter and Smashed Sweet Potato

This is one of my all-time favorite recipes. I came across the original recipe in Food & Wine magazine and just fell in love. It’s very light already, but I made a few alterations to make it even healthier. The combination of the citrus flavor with the tarragon is just divine, and that tomato butter just takes it over the top…plus it’s pretty easy. You’ll want to marinate for 2 hours so remember to prepare ahead! This bright dish is perfect for the spring and summer seasons!


Health tips: Low carb, low fat, anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, diabetes friendly

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