Hello world!

Oh what a love affair us sisters both have for food! We’ve never attended any fancy culinary institutes and are not nutritionists or dietitians…We’re simply two passionate foodies who love to take care of our family’s eating habits, re-creating recipes to fit our family’s needs, and having fun in the kitchen! Oh, and we love our apron collection! We are, after all, apron junkies. With Family Apron, we’ll explore delicious and healthful recipes, adjusted and created to fit a variety of health needs. Along the way, we’ll also share our experiences with cool products and places to eat!

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25 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. This is absolutely amazing! How fun! Can’t wait to watch what’s next for you two! As a working mom of 4 and a hubby who can’t/won’t cook- I’m excited to see what you ladies show me! May God bless your journey!!


  2. Great job girls!! I’ve had a couple of your fantastic meals and can’t wait to use some of your recipes. I think my parents will love your low sodium heart/kidney healthy recipes!! 😉
    Love you girls and I’m super excited to watch your journey.


  3. Hi ladies!! I’m so excited to follow y’all! Love the name!! At some point, will you please post meals that are quick to fix for a family that’s always in the go? Two teenagers and their sports keep us busy-Eating out is not a preferred options. Thank you!!


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