Strawberry Breakfast Yogurt

Need a quick, simple satisfying breakfast or snack? If you like berries, then this may be a great breakfast to start your day! This is always so yummy, I feel like I’m cheating! It’s like dessert, but it’s not…note to self- make this recipe into popsicles (future recipe to follow).


Health tips:  low carb

Ingredients: 1 serving

  • 2/3 c. Greek yogurt, plain (0%, 2%, or regular)
  • 4-6 strawberries, sliced (depending on how big or small they are)
  • 1 tsp- 1 TBS honey, depending on how sweet you want to make it (I used 2 tsp)
  • 2 TBS sliced or slivered almonds (or granola)
  • Chia or flax seed (optional)


This recipe is just a method. Feel free to add other toppings or swap out the strawberries for blueberries, mangos, peaches, etc. Also, feel free to use thawed frozen fruits. I actually prefer the frozen fruits because they give off more juice and they are sweeter.

  1. Add Greek yogurt to a small bowl.
  2. Top with fruit of choice. Drizzle honey over everything.
  3. Top with nuts of your choice or granola.
  4. Add chia or flax seed, if you wish.
  5. Give it a good stir and enjoy!


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