This blog is as much about food as it is about being thankful. You will not find a recipe on this blog. Instead, you will find just me…and what my life means. Food seems to be the center of our lives, or at least in my family it is…but our table of food is centered around so much more….to me (and to my sis-in-law, Melanie). Life is about the people I (we) love, the food that I (we) love, and the memories I (we) make!

A few years back, I made this chalk board sign (I got the idea from Pinterest of course). I used to write an “I love you because…” idea every day (to my hubby mostly, or my twins). But I slowed down. Now, I only write a new idea every time we “entertain” or when I think of something clever. And my guests know I write something that pertains to them and they look forward to what I write. However, this chalkboard sign has been tucked away since October 1st (Halloween time and all…). Well, I brought it back out on the last day in November. For the first time, my kids started writing us cute and silly notes. But today…today, I came home and saw this. My daughter wrote “I love you because…you make amazing food”. I thought about it for a moment…or like 20 moments…

I cannot tell you how full my heart is. I have twins.. a boy and a girl…they are 10 years old…She loves to cook, especially bake (which is my least favorite thing to do, but my hubby loves baking with her). When my twins turned 3 years old, I bought them each, their first Rachael Ray knife. I know what you’re thinking (insert sarcastic voice) “who buys their children knives at 3 years old”?!?!?!? ME! Her knives come with a protective glove. And I watch my kids like a hawk!

Back to my full heart (yes, I get side-tracked often). I asked my daughter why she wrote that message. She responded “Mom, you always make good food…even if I don’t always like it!” (I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing). But it’s true…I sometimes make food I know they don’t like, in hopes that they will like it this time  (Wishful thinking, I know)! I never give up! I rarely cook the same meal twice!  Which is my whole point of this blog! Even though my daughter (or son) doesn’t always love my cooking or eat all of my food, she appreciates my effort! And she “tries” almost everything.

Please EMPOWER your kids…COOK WITH THEM!

My point is…KEEP ON COOKING! Even when you’re tired, had a hard day, or think your family hates your cooking…it turns out they actually are REALLY grateful! I am living proof! Make an “I love you because” sign…and hopefully  one day, your family will thank you for food!! ❤

P.S. My son said “why didn’t you post my message when I said I love you because …”You eat poop”…yeah…I know….

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